#2 — over again
posted by fiq December 01, 2016 0 comments

Hi. I'm back, as i promised. Not so. I've missed blogging, but nothing can overpassed my duty as a sister, plus taking a 'good' care of the kids is hard. If you know the pain, well seems like we're on the same boat now.

Nothing to say this time. Sejujurnya, aku akan rindu setiap orang yang aku kenal dekat UiTM Dungun. Yet, I think I've made a right decision. Don't put the blame on me, I really can't have my journey there. Not with the course that I'd easily giving up on. I'm sorry. Yet, the steps that I've made for now, made my Ummi happy. Sure, I'm glad to see my mother happy. Who doesn't?

hello december, please be nice to me. i swear i'm not gonna be as pathetic as i used to be compared to a few months ago ;)

Till then, fiq.

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