#3 — the scientist
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Hi. Guess who's back? Aku la ofc *inserts emoji perempuan tangan ketepi like duhh* As much as i hated to do this, but the little voice inside my head, and an emotional girl right inside my body screamed that i have to do this. So, here I am. Yay!

12/12/2016, and I officially quit from furthering my studies in UiTM Dungun. Aaaaaaaand what's my next plan? Let it all be a secret and quit being so nosy. Just pray that I'm all good, boleh kan?

To be honest, actually memang berat hati nak tinggalkan kampus depan pantai berombak-ombak tu. Pantai tu, macam ada soft spot in my heart. Haaaaa, bapak cliche. Tapi, kalau stressed tak dapat go with the flow dengan course tu, nak buat macam mana? Bila orang bangkitkan persoalan like, 'Eh fiq, kau bukan suka travel ke? Apahal tak boleh pula?' 'Course tu lebih kurang je dengan kau. Kenapa nak quit?'

My answer is quite simple ; travelling is my passion, and one of my hobbies. Aku suka travel, being a wanderer myself. But to study the course, nah. I'll pass. Bila nak cakap pasal study, I'm much more drawn to accounting or maybe law. Because its my dream???? Cliche lagi, alahai nyampah.

Here's my bittersweet memories that'll never fade :)

Pmds semua sporting. Mds, toksah cakap banyak lah huhu G7 paling bising. Dengan iddin. Kalau korang kenal iddin, ala he's the one looks nerdish. Yet during MDS we called him Nobita. Sebab, during our introduction session dengan OC G7, dia kenalkan diri dia dalam bahasa Jepun. Quite fluent, I'm impressed.

Roommates ; Najma and Peja. There's nothing much to elaborate, they're like my sisters. My roommates from the first day of MDS till the end of my first semester. Aku lapar, ada yang tolong belikan makanan kat sadin. Sakit? Normally peja yang teman pergi UK (Unit Kesihatan, which is uni's clinic). Dalam bilik, ofc I'm the one who loves to make everybody laughs. I'm the one who will play songs when the room was not so cheered up. Sampai najma selalu tanya lagu apa yang aku pasang. Well, I know I have the best taste when it comes to music. K ulek ;)

with one of my roomie back at redang college, peja :)

view from redang college is magnificent! Subhanallah!!!

will be missed :( both sir jaie and fara *sighs*

the amey che will (lol siapa yang tak kenal, dia kuno kat uitmt)

beloved Kak Dayah (Oppo)

Kak Han :(((((

Mekem Penuh Gaya. I love you guys. Fullstop.

my supposed to be roommates (kak raudhah was not in the picture)

with my favorite susyi, anis hadi

sokmo bagi makanan kat tasau lol sebab fara ada kitchen so she brought back foods for us

HM111 1Alpha
Bising. Kelas paling memekak, lagi-lagi dengan Qamarull Ashroff didalam kelas. Hah! He's our main entertainer. I love being around him. Dalam kelas, aku rapat dengan Nainie aka Inani, Husni, Yaya (Mekya). Most of our tasks/assignments, well we sticked together. Its easy to work with them. Among them all, aku la yang suka check grammar, spellings, faulty dalam assignment yang bertaip ((haah aku memang a bit perfectionist)) A bit.

will always remember our 1st class trip to Setiu. Love them bunches!!!!!!

of the day when i visited them before I went back home. Yes, we had lunch together by the beach

There's too many pictures that I wished to insert. Well I'll cherish them by myself. UiTM Dungun will always be in my heart. 

Till then.


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