#5 — how's iium?
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Hello. Its been awhile. So yeah you guys already knew that I got transferred from UiTM to IIUM. Alhamdulillah, so far there's nothing happened in ai ai yu em. But its a normal thing for me that I have to endure my backpain because it hurts like hell! 

Here I'm currently in a Human Sciences program. There are a few branches of HS, maybe I'll majoring in History & Civilization or Political Science or maybe Communication next year when I start my 1st degree in Main Campus Gombak.

Mahallah Zainab Jahsy Block A, Level 3 


typical matric card

taking business notes in class

Of course, as an islamic-based university, we had an Usrah every Tuesday, around 9pm until week 12. They'll also play Asma Al-Husna and Doa Dhuha every morning, whilst on 10pm, my mahallah (college) will play Surah Al-Mulk before going to bed. And, every Tuesday 5pm till before 8pm, we're allowed to go outside and bersuka-ria lmao. Other than that, well basically we're not allowed at all. O K

There's nothing much to write on this post. Will definitely bring more content and stories for this blog.

incase no one told you this today; you matter so freaking much 
Till then.


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