#6 — new clique!
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Hello. To be honest, I am super hyped to write this topic. New clique?

here i present you, freakyleven

11 of us are classmates, in Xifu Naser's Thinking Skills class. I was the last one to enter this class because I don't have any idea where the heck is the location of this class. Ten out of eleven are Law students, except for me. I am the black sheep among us.

How am I supposed to write this in the most appropriate way? Wait. Okay. See, I was awkward in the beginning. But yeah, Xifu suddenly came up with an idea where we have to stick together until death do us part lol

Two frigging days before my 19th birthday. We signed a contract. Kinda like an oath. Written oath. I found it cringy as heck, ha ha ha. But after time has passed, I think Freakyleven had that soft spot in my poor heart, right after Geng Ayam Comel (which tak berapa comel pun) The picture I attached above was our first outing on Tuesday (lupa tarikh) and Zee was the only one couldn't make it.

That is our logo. Lol, I made it. And I had to make it for our assignment, where we had to promote our busking session and our progress on helping out homeless people. All of us were sick with xifu's rejection! We did came out with plenty of ideas for our project but xifu kept on rejecting them. Put those bullshits aside, and yep we insisted on doing the homeless project. Maybe some of you already noticed that I promoted freakyleven's instagram account. Right?

  • Dan
  • Ridhwan
  • Haritz
  • Ernie
  • Shazlin
  • Hazirah Dayana
  • Me (fiq)
  • Fith
  • Hazirah (zee)
  • Ain
  • Ana
Can't wait for our outreach project. I will keep on updating, eventhough there's actually no readers at all lmao.
Freakyleven, to many more memories we're going to share.

Till then.

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