#10 — 14th week and final exams
posted by fiq April 30, 2017 1 comments

Hey there and Assalamualaikum! So today is Sunday already. This week was my 14th week in CFS where it was the final week I have classes. I am officially done with assessments, assignments, quizzes, tests and shits. Celebrated Ernie's birthday despite everyone had their tight schedules. Oh and on Thursday, my hisbah held a program, which was Iftar Jama'ie and Solat Hajat. Of course, I was the one that made the poster :)

My last Business class for this semester. I love you Madam Norliza.

Sir, you was supposed to make mini finger hearts, not clenched fists!

Geng anak Melaka :)

Thanks sir. I'll do my best for ITL paper on 8th May.

Had Sushi King at Jaya One with them! (I'll never get sick of sushi heh)

Later hat night, I watched Riverdale EP11 because they just released it on 27th April US time yAS :)

Such a quality time I spent :)

I guess I had too many friends came from Laws rather than my own program hahahaha. So yeah I'll be away for two to three weeks. Off I go!

Till then.

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