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Hello. It's been awhile. So, obviously you guys already know what topic it'll be on this post. Yea, kdramas. So there are a few kdramas that I enjoyed. Now I realized I love to waste my time watching kdramas lol

  • Scarlet Heart
    • been watching this when i was in UiTM. to be frigging honest, i dislike the ending. 
    • ofc through scarlet heart i discovered the ultimate nam joohyuk wayyyyy before the weightlifting fairy kim bokjoo. 
    • joohyuk played as baek ah in scarlet heart aWH
    • at first i like it when kang haneul and iu been together but he's an asshole.
    • the sooso ship sails and they're unstoppable. ((poor jisoo))
    • rating : 8.9/10

  • Goblin
    • i. love. this. drama.
    • yall this drama is super lit i swear to god!!!! this drama brought me into the kdrama world even deeper :)))
    • really don't know how to describe this one, but yeah, this is byfar my favourite drama
    • fgs just ignore their ages gaps. the more you think about it, the worse it could be
    • this drama made me cry so hard
    • "the first and the last... goblin's bride"
    • rating : 11/10 he he he
  • Cheese In The Trap
    • this drama made me imagining things whether i can ended up with my senior in university or not
    • but this one is good yes yall better watch
    • i frigging hate the ending :(
    • but i need mysterious guy like yujeong (looks mysterious but actually a cinnamon roll)
    • poor. seo. kang. joon.
    • rating : 9/10
So far those 3 dramas are the one that i watched since Scarlet Heart aired, probably around last 2016 till January 2017 because Goblin ended around that time. While Cheese In The Trap, it was aired on early 2106???? so yeah late-watcher as usual.
I want to watch WFKBJ so bad, and oh Reply 1988. When I finish both dramas I'll post up my review and yes, again wasting my time. See you around!
Till then.

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