#7 — homeless not hopeless
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Hey there! See, told you I'll try my best to update as frequent as I could. Okay, in this post, I'll be writing about our outreach program where we, Freakyleven collaborated with Yayasan Salam Malaysia; which is an NGO, a well established organization.

Yayasan Salam Malaysia is a community organization where they invite anyone, everyone to join them and be apart of the volunteers. As a student, I found that this organization could give so many inputs especially for youths/young generation in this country. So here I attached Yayasan Salam Malaysia's official facebook page for you guys to check them out.

Shazlin, Ain and I (with the our best poker faces ever), we went to Fith's house and had sleepovers. That was my first time that I went to someone's home ever since I entered IIUM. On that Friday, Fith's dad fetched us at CFS. But Fith was the one who drove the car all the way to Rawang lol. Let me tell you, Rawang is bloody far. But it was worth a journey. We laughed, we had a nice conversation with Fith's dad. And on that moment, it was the starting point where I definitely felt a stronger bond that we had for 3 days 2 nights.

Right after we arrived, we barely changed our outfits hahaha. Because we watched 50 Shades Darker straight away. Hello, its a clean version. Apa kau ingat budak uia sanggup tengok the explicit version? Not me, but Shazlin was super hyped when it comes to the smooching scenes! BTW CHRISTIAN GREY LOOKS SMOKY HOT. o k a y . Oh and we had dinner with Fith's family, thanks aunty and uncle, both of you paid for our dinner. Me and Shazlin have perut tong sampah where we eat a lot :)

Actually I was contemplating to eat, but since Fith's parents paid for it, lol segan la pula. Takkan taknak makan am I right? P/S muka tak malu memang macam tu. I was actually on diet huhu :(

me and ain before we had our dinner

shazlin with her 'muka happy gila dapat makan free' face

us after we had dinner
Here lies our deepest darkest secret ever during the sleepover. We woke up quite late. Kesian Fith, she kept on trying to wake us up. Ain was the 1st one that woke up, followed by me and then Shazlin. Lol. And we had breakfast around 11am-ish, thanks again aunty! Sedap aunty masak :)

We all planned to gather around with the others by 5pm-6pm at Sunway Putra Mall. So, at 3.30pm-ish, the four of us we at KTM Station. Too bad, the train arrived at 5.13pm. Cam babun. So we wasted our phone batteries because we played snapchat. Thanks to me, I am a doraemon to Fith and Shazlin. Without my intellectual brain, I may not bring powerbank. All hail fiq!

 Yayasan Salam Malaysia

Ok dah sampai Sunway Putra. We rushed over a few stores for Shazlin and Ain to buy a new pair of black shoes (kena kasut hitam juga kalau tak UIA saman) And then, Fith and I bought Auntie Anne's. Met Hazirah Dayana and Ana, went to the others at a restaurant (wait seriously I already forgot!!!)

Ended up had something else to eat (again). Padahal Fith's mom made us lunch. Dasar perut tong sampah!!!! By 7pm, we went to Yayasan Salam Malaysia's place to have a short briefing for the outreach program. 

*i lost the picture where all 11 of us gave the fund money lmao sorry*

So, my job was to record everything for our project video. Every single little things. Too bad, we were split into 2 groups. Of course, the four of us with Dan and Aida were together. (just because we dont have a car, so we had to ride Abang Arie's car). If you ever wonder, Zee drove her car, so Haritz, Ridhwan, Ernie, Hazirah and Ana carpooled. 

Along the outreach program, where we distributed the foods for the homeless people around Kuala Lumpur, I had mention that I need to record everything. But there's a few times that I couldn't film because first, I was scared. Scared that any of them might saw the camera. Second, some of the homeless people hate that we film them. Yeah. We need to respect their privacy tho if they didn't allow at all. 

barai but still took pictures

So many things we've received during the outreach program. To be honest, I was at the edge of tears when we met a family with 3 kids. Way too emotional. Couldn't describe the feeling at all. I also saw a couple of guys actually drugging themselves with my bared eyes. Overall, it was a good project. Alhamdulillah we managed to do it, and I am extremely proud of us.

Went back to Fith's home with a warm-hearted feelings. Short reminder for all of us, be thankful with everything you had in you life. Don't forget to always say 'ALHAMDULILLAH'. Thank Allah, thank Him, for all rezeki that He poured over us. Oh by the way, I tried to post along the video that I've edited, too bad the size was so big. No worries, here's the link if you ever wished to watch it (video). Sorry, it was a poor editing of mine :(

"they don't care what you have, but they know when you care"

Till then. 

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